When the bro handshake goes terribly wrong

When the bro handshake goes terribly wrong

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A WHILE back I had this idea to write an article titled something along the lines of “The ultimate guide to the bro handshake” — it was going to be a satirical look at the culture of the uber-complicated handshake that today’s bros like to employ. Many a guy has been temporarily paralyzed by the myriad choices he has when approaching another male.

Do I fist bump? Slap hands? Hug? Maybe just a head nod? Thanks to Viktor Horvath I no longer have to write that article. His video for “Wassup” is everything I envisioned and more.

One of the reasons I love living where I live is that 95% of the time a hug is the appropriate greeting, male or female. A handshake suffices between strangers — although hugging is definitely still an option.

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