Why kids should teach Gender Studies 101 to the world

Why kids should teach Gender Studies 101 to the world

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I thought this video was really cute. I watched. I smiled, I laughed. The kids put right-wing conservatives to shame, saying things that a lot of people wish government officials would say. Popular websites posted the video, lauding the children for their candor and progressive thought. My friends (and probably yours, too) posted it on Facebook and were all, ‘Hope for future generations restored!’

The directors did say that “The opinions of children about these issues can give incredibly valuable insight into where our society currently stands and where we are headed as people,” right?

Sure. So people shared this video with the general sentiment that ‘There’s hope for the future after all!’ However, we overlooked one issue with this video: five year-old Lucas. Not the child himself, but what he says. Let’s just think about what it means that he says being gay is wrong but has no idea why. I found the idea that he is growing up with someone teaching him prejudice heartbreaking.

To me, this video shows that we’ve come a long way but also that it’s easy to forget there is still work to do. Watch the video, take a moment to feel slightly smug that you’ve had such a positive influence on our youth, but don’t forget that change happens today.

We can’t wait for the next generation to do it — the time for justice and equality is always right now.

Watch the video: Gender Equality: Now