This Week’s Picks: Slumdog DVD, PJ Harvey, Yoga Dorkage and…Reptilian Humanoids.

This Week’s Picks: Slumdog DVD, PJ Harvey, Yoga Dorkage and…Reptilian Humanoids.

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Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire makes its way to DVD this week. It will be curious to see if the Oscar hype has legs, or if bread-and-butter America would rather slap their money down on Adam Sandler’s Bedtime Stories. While the ending still makes us trickle a tear, this take on the final dance makes us figgle a giggle.

PJ Harvey/John Parrish

The new album from PJ Harvey and John Parrish, A Woman A Man Walked By, marks their second collaboration together. Out Tuesday, it satisfies our Polly Jean itch but keeps us scratching for a new PJ solo record (it’s been nine years!).

A Wolf At The Table

Augusten Burroughs leaves his mommy issues for his daddy issues in A Wolf At The Table, out this week on paperback. Reviews of the hardcover were pretty harsh but we think that’s just because he is a light-to-carry, airport-book kinda guy. Long distance drivers take note: the Audiobook release contains music from Patti Smith, Ingrid Michelson, Tegan Quin and Sea Wolf.

Attention Yoga Lovers!

Enlighten Up is a documentary out to prove that yoga can transform anyone, even the film’s subject (a skeptical New York Journalist). The movie opens in NYC this week and goes semi-wide later in the month.

Coast To Coast AM

Just another week at Coast To Coast AM: Reptilian humanoids, haunted funeral parlors, 2012, near-death experiences, telepathy and time travel. If you’re into crazy shit and have never heard this radio show, catch the live stream or catch and old podcast here

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